10 All-Time Hottest Weather Temperature Days in Kansas City
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10 All-Time Hottest Weather Temperature Days in Kansas City

The all-time hottest temperatures ever recorded in the Kansas City and the state of Missouri.

These are the all-time ten hottest weather temperature days recorded in Kansas City, Missouri. The temperature data for Kansas City dates back to 1889.

It can certainly get really hot in Kansas City. The all-time hottest temperature ever recorded in Kansas City is 113 degrees which occurred on August 14, 1936. The hottest temperature ever recorded in the state of Missouri is 118, which occurred on July 14, 1954 in Warsaw and Union.

Every single date in the months of July and August in Kansas City have had at least one 100 degree weather temperature day dating back to 1889. In fact, every single date from June 15 through September 8, have had at least one 100 degree weather temperature day.

The earliest date when a 100 degree day occurred in Kansas City was May 30, 1934, when it was 103 degrees. The latest date when a 100 degree day occurred was September 28, 1953, when it was also 103 degrees.

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10 All-Time Hottest Weather Temperature Days in Kansas City

1. August 14, 1936 - 113 degrees

2. July 13, 1954 - 112 degrees

T-3. July 18, 1954 - 111 degrees

T-3. July 14, 1954 - 111 degrees

T-3. August 10, 1934 - 111 degrees

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T-6. August 15, 1936 - 110 degrees

T-6. August 13, 1936 - 110 degrees

T-6. August 9, 1936 - 110 degrees

T-6. August 9, 1934 - 110 degrees

T-6. July 24, 1934 - 110 degrees

Only three calendar years, 1934, 1936 and 1954 are on the top 10 hottest weather temperature days list for Kansas City. That is unusual. Most lists for cities around the United States will have multiple dates for one or maybe two years, but I've never seen a top 10 hottest weather temperature list where just three years are represented.

Interestingly, the top ten hottest temperatures in Kansas City occurred during dust bowl years. Of course the 1930s were the main Dust Bowl years and some of the hottest years in recorded history for the United States. But there was also a second dust bowl during the 1950s, especially 1954. The 1950s dust bowl doesn’t get nearly the recognition as the 1930s, because of everything about planting, soil conservation and the planting of trees for wind breaks helped during the 1950s dust bowl.

The Heat Wave of 1980

1980 was a very hot summer in Kansas City, with the heat wave starting on July 4th. The daily high temperature hit 100 degrees or above for 17 straight days. In addition to the 17 days in a row, other days were also above 100 degrees.

The heat wave of 1980 lasted most of the summer and claimed hundreds of lives throughout the central United States, including Kansas City, Missouri. Not only was the actual temperature above 100 degrees, the heat index made it feel even hotter.

The heat index is a combination of the actual temperature combined with the dew point, so high humidity and heat created a potentially dangerous weather event causing heatstroke. Many of those that died during the heat wave were found in their homes, with their windows closed and or they did not have air condition. The sad reason that their windows were closed was due to fear of crime.

It certainly sounds hot in Kansas City, but during numerous summers, the high temperature in Kansas City does not go above 100, but the higher humidity still makes it feel very sticky and hotter. Thankfully, on many of these hot summer days, thunderstorms come through and cool the temperature, before it can get to 100 degrees.

According to meteorologist, “the warmest period for Kansas City historically occurs from July 15 through July 30, with an average high of 89 degrees and an average low of 69 degrees.”

Kansas City has seen other hot summers, but so far the temperature has not been hot enough to crack this list. But six of the ten all-time hottest dates in Kansas City occurred in August.

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