10 All-Time Hottest Weather Temperature Days in Pittsburgh
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10 All-Time Hottest Weather Temperature Days in Pittsburgh

The ten all-time hottest weather temperatures in the history of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

These are the ten all-time hottest weather temperature days in the history of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The weather temperature data for Pittsburgh dates back 1871.

The hottest month of the year in Pittsburgh is July, which has an average daily temperature of 72.6 degrees. The second hottest month is August with an average temperature of 71.0 degrees, followed by June at 68.4 degrees and then September at 64.0 degrees.

The earliest date in Pittsburgh history when the temperature reached 100 degrees is July 4, 1911. The latest date when a 100 degree day occurred in Pittsburgh was September 10, 1884.

Twenty times in Pittsburgh history the temperature has reached or exceeded 100 degrees. Twelve of those 100 degree days occurred in July, four occurred in August and four more occurred in September.

The all-time hottest temperature ever recorded in Pittsburgh is 103 degrees. Below are the three dates when the temperature reached 103 degrees in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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10 All-Time Hottest Weather Temperature Days in Pittsburgh

T-1. July 16, 1988 - 103 degrees

T-1. August 6, 1918 - 103

T-1. July 10, 1881 - 103

T-4. July 14, 1936 - 102

T-4. September 6, 1881 - 102

T-6. July 7, 1988 - 101

T-6. July 9, 1936 - 101

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T-6. July 10, 1936 - 101

T-6. August 5, 1918 - 101

T-6. August 7, 1918 - 101

T-6. July 17, 1887 - 101

T-6. July 18, 1878 - 101

T-6. September 5, 1881 - 101

Historic Heat Wave in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has hit 103 degrees three different times in its history; the last time was July 16, 1988. The 103 degree high in July 1988 marked the end of the longest heat wave in Pittsburgh history, a miserable hot and sweaty 13 day period of hot and humid weather. During the historic heat wave, the high temperature was never lower than 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The closest Pittsburgh has ever come to that long of a heat wave was way back in 1878.

In 2012, there was another heat wave in Pittsburgh, the second longest heat wave, second to the 1988 heat wave. Pittsburgh normally sees seven days a year when the temperature is 90 degrees or higher. But in 2012, so far, there have been 19 days above 90 F, including 11 days in July. The hottest occurred on July 7, when the high temperature reached a sweaty 98 F.

This heat wave is one of the most notable heat waves on record in Pittsburgh occurred June 28-July 7, 2012 when it was 90 degrees or higher on nine of the 10 days.

Pittsburgh has an elevation of 938 feet above sea level, and this could be why they do not top 100 F often, the elevation around the city varies considerably with a rise to 887 feet about sea level just 2 miles from the city.

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