10 All-Time Rainiest Weather Days in Harrisburg, PA History
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10 All-Time Rainiest Weather Days in Harrisburg, PA History

the top ten all-time rainiest/wettest days ever in the capital city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

These are the ten all-time rainiest or wettest weather days in the history of the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania dating back to 1888. Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania, and is a metropolitan city of some 530,000 people located along the Susquehanna River in southern Pennsylvania.

The all-time rainiest weather day in Harrisburg occurred on June 22, 1972, when 9.13" or rain fell in the city. On June 21, 1972, 5.81" fell in the city, giving Harrisburg a two day total of 14.94" of rain. That must have been a doozy.

On September 7, 2011, Harrisburg experienced its second rainiest day ever, as 7.71" or rain fell in the city, causing widespread flooding. From September 4th through September 8, 2011, the city of Harrisburg experienced 13.38" of rain. Another massive amount of rainfall over a very short period of time.

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10 All-Time Rainiest Weather Days in Harrisburg, PA

1. June 22, 1972 - 9.13"

2. September 7, 2011 - 7.71"

3. June 21, 1972 - 5.81"

T-4. August 23, 1933 - 4.66"

T-4. May 31, 1889 - 4.66"

6. September 26, 1975 - 4.59"

7. September 14, 1973 - 4.34"

8. August 21, 1915 - 4.30"

9. September 25, 1975 - 4.28"

10. September 10, 1907 - 4.17"

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Harrisburg averages 41.58" or rainfall per year. That works out to a monthly average of 3.47" of rain. The monthly rainfall averages do vary though, based upon the months and seasons.

The rainiest month in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is July, which receives an average of 4.22" or rain, followed closely by May at 4.12" and September at 4.04". The nest rainiest month is June at 3.78", followed by August at 3.49" and March at 3.44".

The least rainiest or wettest month in Harrisburg is February, which averages just 2.67", followed by January at 2.75", October at 3.24", December at 3.25", November at 3.26" and April at 3.32".

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