7 Things to Do in Bury, Greater Manchester
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7 Things to Do in Bury, Greater Manchester

A guide to the best tourist attractions in the English north western town of Bury.

Bury is famous for it's market, in fact, many people visit this northern town just to visit it's world famous market, so what are seven great things to do whilst in Bury?

  1. Visit the market and try black pudding and black peas. These two food items are the towns signature foods: black pudding -similar to the French boudin noir- is a type of sausage made from various offal of the pig. It is delicious and moreish. Best eaten hot, there are many vendors in the area near to the market that sell it, just slit it open and eat the insides. Black peas are somewhat unknown outside of these parts- even in the rest of Britain- so it is worth buying a bag to try whilst you are these parts. They are cooked much in the same way as mushy peas: you soak them over night and and then boiled and drained the next day. They are best served hot with salt and malt vinegar.
  2. Climb Holcombe Hill and visit Peel Tower. Holcombe is a small village on the outskirts of town, and it is most famous for the hill (actually called Harcles Hill- but known locally by Holcombe Hill) upon which Peel Tower sits- and integral part of Bury's history.The tower is a memorial to Sir Robert Peel, who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 10 December 1834 to 8 April 1835, and again from 30 August 1841 to 29 June 1846.It was during his time as Home Secretary that his most memorable impact was made- the creation of then modern concept of the police force. Inside the tower is an extract from Peel's speech delivered to the House of Commons in 1846. Much of the town of Bury can be seen from the top of the tower, and the tower is visible form most places in the town, with locals using it as a point of reference for the weather. "If you can see Peel tower, it's gonna be a good day."
  3. Visit the towns art gallery. The art gallery, situated in the center of town is free to visit, it has changing exhibitions and offers family friendly events making it well worth the visit. 
  4. Visit Bury Museum. A town rich with history, the Bury museum presents this well. The town has strong historical inks with the cotton industry, with many of the residents being mill workers during the industrial revolution. The Peel Mills as still in use today. The town is also home to John Kay, inventor of the Flying Shuttle.
  5. Visit Bury Parish Church. This Grade I listed building is truly beautiful inside, it is thought that it was built in 971 AD when the parishes were first formed under King Edgar of England. The new church= as it stands today- was opened in 1876 on the Feast of Annunciation.
  6. Visit the East Lancashire Railway. Train lovers will love to watch the trains of the ELR go by beneath the bridge: electric, diesel and steam all run. The station has been featured in many television shows, including Life on Mars.
  7. Or simply just walk the streets. There are many examples of varied architecture on offer in the town, with most people residing in traditional Lancashire terraced houses- many dating back to the Victorian era and earlier. They are true works of art and are to be greatly admired and appreciated.

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Brilliant, great to see a local review ( for me anyway) on here.