Raanana Living Guide: Roi Klien Religious Boys Junior/High School
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Raanana Living Guide: Roi Klien Religious Boys Junior/High School

roi klien school raanana religious boy\'s high schools raanana religious schools

The options available to religious boys going into junior high in Raanana are limited to several schools all of which are private or semi-private apart from the religious boy's school named in memory of Roi Klien. I will try to shed some light, not only on the dry facts about the school, but also the opinions of Raanana parents with children attending Roi Klien School.

Roi Klien Religious Boys Junior/High School Raanana

Roi Klien opened in September 2007 with two classes of 7th grade boys. The school has had two headmasters, Yoval Kaplinski who headed the school from it's beginning and up until the end of the 2009/2010 school year and the current head Yahuda Cohen. The school is named after Roi Klien R.I.P. who died a hero during the second Lebanon war when he saved his fellow soldiers by covering the blast of a hand grenade to prevent it reaching them.


Roi Klien School has been "temporarily" located at 31 Peretz Street, Kyriat Sharet, Raanana since it's opening. The plan is to build a new school building in a soon to be established neighborhood on the agricultural land between Kyriat Sharet and Rasko along Wietzman Street. However this plan will probably only be completed in approximately two years time. The present building is large enough and well equipped enough to be a permanent school but the new building will have more facilities and be larger to accommodate the growing student body. The present building lacks some facilities, like for example a dining room and indoor sports facilities.

Who goes to Roi Klien:

Roi Klien is a religious junior and high school in Raanana, Israel. This means grades 7 – 12 (kita vav – kita yud bet), however as the school is new at the moment there are only grades 7 - 10. All boys living in Raanana are welcome at Roi Klien, and boys living outside of Raanana can also join the school but non-Raanana residents need to do preliminary entrance exams. Most of the boys studying at Roi Klien at the moment came from the Raanana government religious elementary schools Bilu, Yavna and Ariel. Boys at Roi Klien are required to wear kippot and tsitsiot and participate in prayer and other religious studies and activities so the school is suitable to families who practice these Jewish religious traditions.

Number of Pupils:

Roi Klien has approximately 200 pupils in the 2010/2011 school year. The school was started four years ago with just one grade - 7th and each year the school grows adding new 7th graders, thus expanding by a grade a year. So far the school has grades 7 - 10, so that pupils older than 10th grade in 2010 cannot join the school.

School Fees:

Approximately 1044 shekels in 2010/2011. Take into consideration that the private religious high schools cost between 5,000 and 8,000 a year.

School lunches:

There is a canteen which sells small meals and snacks. Kids can also order take away food to be delivered to the school or bring packed lunches. Prices for lunches from the canteen vary from 12 shekels for a toasted sandwich to 18 shekels for a full hot meal.

Roi Klien school uniform:

The Roi Klien school T-shirt can be bought from thesefamily clothing stores in Raanana.

School Hours:

Raanana Roi Klien Religious High School starts it's morning at 07:40 with morning prayer, and the average end of school day is 15:15 although the higher grades may stay until 4pm or 4.45pm some days.

Raanana religious boy's school Roi Klien - Good to know

There is a very high pupil staff ratio and careful attention is given to each pupil. The school is a public (government) school and as such it accepts all students including those with lower academic abilities or learning difficulties. The school caters to all levels of academic ability.

Being a new school the teachers are enthusiastic about their work and the municipality supports the school in every way it can as the school was the mayor's "baby" and he very much wants it to succeed. The teaching staff is dedicated and often goes above and beyond to help the kids learn. The school is still ironing out the glitches, with teachers coming and going at the end of each year, but this could be a good thing as only the best teachers are kept on.

Another advantage of being a young school is that anything is possible, the head master is open to ideas about different "magamot"(major subjects) and the teacher-parent connection is strong.

The boys participate in a volunteer program in the community, are encouraged to be valuable citizens of Raanana. There are many trips and outings throughout the year as well as some pupils participating in national competitions (electronics, young inventors).

Roi Klien is one of the schools which participate in the Mashov program, a Website where you can enter using a code and see a daily update of behavior, grades, study materials and exchange mail with the teaching staff.

The level of religious education is on a par with government religious elementary schools, the pupils study Gamara, Torah and Navi as well as praying twice a day during school time. There is a religious atmosphere but not that of a Haradi or Yishiva school. 

From the get go the school had a tarnished reputation as unlike the other private school options in Raanana, Roi Klien does not filter out the weaker students, so that the students in the first year of Roi Klien were considered the "left overs" or the ones that couldn't get into any other school. The quality of the students was put in question. On the other hand ideologically speaking all kids are equal and deserve an equal chance. Each year more and more kids are choosing Roi Klien and the reputation is improving. From personal experience I can say that, the kids at Roi Klien are a mixed bag and I think this would be the case at any public school.

In 2010/2011 the school had a change in principal (headmaster) and so there were some changes and the school is once again finding it’s feet. The real proof of the school's quality will be when they have had a graduating class and matric results can be compared with other schools.

I know the school well and to my knowledge there are a few "rough kids" in the higher grades, and by rough I mean they are not interested in learning and would rather hang around on street corners swearing, fighting and smoking. Despite this, about 99% of the boys are well rounded happy kids in every way who just happened not to go to a private school. The school has the potential to be an outstanding school offering a mix of religious studies, academics and social consciousness.

For further details about Raanana's Religious High School for Boys Roi Klien, you can get more information from the Raanana municipality hotline – 107 or you can call the school at: 09 7710955. 

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