Raanana Living Guide: The Raanana Purim Parade - Where, When and How
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Raanana Living Guide: The Raanana Purim Parade - Where, When and How

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raanana purim parade

The Purim parade, better known as the Ad Lo Ya Da takes place every year in every town in Israel during the days before or after Purim itself. In Raanana the Purim parade is usually scheduled for the Friday preceding Purim and depending on the weather the Purim parade can be postponed until the a day after Purim. If theRaanana Purim parade is postponed due to bad weather it is rescheduled for the Friday following Purim. I only recall one occasion a few years ago when the Raanana Purim parade was canceled altogether. In 2011 the Raanana Purim parade will be on the 18th of March, and the actual Purim (school) holiday is on the following Sunday(20th) and Monday(21st).

On the 18th of March the Raanana Purim parade will be held on the main street in Raanana – Ahuza Street. The parade will begin at 11:00 and it takes about an hour for the whole procession compete the length of the street. The Raanana Purim parade starts where Akiva Street meets Ahuza and ends where Ben Gurion Street meets Ahuza next to Yad Lebanim.

raanana purim parade

It is possible to watch the Raanana Purim parade along the length of Ahuza Street from both sides of the street. The people watching the parade stand on the sidewalk and the road is off limits to the observers. The stores and cafes along Ahuza are open while the Raanana Purim parade is taking place so you can always get something to eat or drink. The Large public parking opposite Yad Lebanim is closed during the parade as the various floats and marching groups gather there at the end of the Purim parade. Ben Gurion Street is also partially closed off from Ahuza to the traffic circle and parking at the back of Yad Lebanim. Ahuza is also closed off from about 10:30 and the blocks closest to Ahuza Street on all the side streets are also closed off.

Every year pupils of Raanana Schools prepare the Purim parade costumes and floats which make up the parade. The primary schools (grades 1-6) prepare costumes for the 5th grade kids to wear and they march in the parade. Usually a few teachers and parents are responsible for making the costumes and the materials and salaries are paid by the Raanana municipality.

Each middle and high school gets to make a float which is not placed on a vehicle but is placed on a metal frame with wheels and is pulled through the parade by the students.

raanana purim parade

Each year the Raanana Purim parade has a general theme – in 2011 the theme of the Raanana Purim parade is Bible stories – in previous years the theme of the Raanana Purim parade has been the environment; children's books; nature; famous landmarks etc. From this general parade theme each school chooses a part of the theme for themselves. In 2011 the various Bible story themes for the schools include Adam and Eve, Joseph and his coat of many colors, Samson and Delilah, the exodus from Egypt etc.

You can get involved in making the floats and parade costumes if you have a child learning at a school in Raanana. Ask the teacher in charge of after school activities or the school principle. You'll even get paid for your efforts!

If you are not a Raanana parent you can still get involved as one of the spectators of the Raanana Purim parade. Come watch the Raanana Purim parade in your Purim costume and join in the dancing in the streets when the parade is finished.

On the day following the Raanana Purim parade there is public folk dancing along the length of Ahuza Street and all are welcome to join in. Purim is a happy and fun Jewish holiday where you can get to know your community and get involved in the celebration just by coming to see the Raanana Purim parade!

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Comments (2)
Renee Hirsch

You wrote in your article ... "In 2011 the Raanana Purim parade will be on the 18th of March, and the actual Purim holiday is on the following Monday and Tuesday."

However, Purim this year is (Saturday night March 19 and) SUNDAY March 20 in Ra'anana. In Jerusalem they celebrate it on Monday Monday March 21.

Please correct this.

Also I believe the parade usually starts at 10:00 am and not 11:00 am.


Renee Hirsch

Ranked #5 in Local Reviews

Thanks Renee, the school holidays for Purim this year are on Sunday and Monday and this year the parade starts at 11am (I'm involved in making one of the floats).