Raanana Living Guide: What Has Raanana Park, Israel Have to Offer?
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Raanana Living Guide: What Has Raanana Park, Israel Have to Offer?

Raanana Park Raanana things to do Raanana, Israel

Park Raanana in Raanana, Israel offers many attractions, non-Ranana residents pay a small entrance fee (10shekels) but for Raanana residents it is all free.

Raanana Park Playgrounds

Park Raanana has swings, round abouts,slides, climbing apparatuses as well as some less conventional play equipment like the balancing bar and pogo stick. There is also a large structure made of heavy wood which looks like a pirate ship or set of bridges. This structure runs around the open circular area meant for roller blades, bikes and skateboarding. The Raanana park playground area is closest to the main entrance of the park.

raanana park israel

Park Raanana Fitness Gym

For adults you no longer have to pay to be a member of a gym, the Raanana Park has a fitness area with gym equipment all for free and out in the open air. The gym equipment in the Raanana Park is not based on weights instead you use your own weight to lift and pull. The apparatuses are meant for over 14 year olds but you will see all ages having a go. There are instructions and pictures showing how to use the machinery and how many cycles to do of each exercise. The closest entrance is the one on Jerusalem Road.

park raanana israel, gym

Park Raanana Zoo

The zoo in the Raanana Park used to be a lot more attractive and have a lot more animals but now there seem to be more fences than animals. Still your kids can see deer, goats, swans, ducks, beavers, monkeys and peacocks in the enclosed area. The zoo is near the Raanana park entrance on Jerusalem Road opposite the entrance to Mega and Bet Levinstien.. 

Park Raanana Lake

Although not a huge lake the Park Raanana lake is beautiful and the municipality has tried to make it interesting for kids as well. There is a walk way across the lake and you can listen to the music of Swan Lake once you get to the middle. There is also a boat and gondola which operates at peak times giving rides for a price. You can walk all around the lake and see interesting animals both sculptures and live animals on the water. The lake in Park Raanana has it's own entrance on Derech Hapark.

lake park raanana israel

Park Raanana Restaurant

The Agum Café is a dairy restaurant in a beautiful setting looking over the lake in Raanana Park. It is not the kind of restaurant to grab fast food in for the kids but more suited for a romantic meal or business meeting. The location is what makes this restaurant worth a visit. There are a few vending machines near the restaurant but overall Park Raanana lacks facilities for snacking and getting some refreshments. There is a small pizza place next to the Agum café but it is not the best pizza I've tasted.

Park Raanana Rollerblades and skateboards

There is a privately run roller blade and skateboard ramp area next to Park Hachaverim, but with all the open spaces in the Park Raanana I don't think it is necessary to pay for the pleasure of entering this enclosed ramp area, although skate boarders would disagree with me. The closest entrance to the Raanana park skateboarding area is on Derech Hapark. 

Park Raanana Basketball courts

There are basket ball courts and a roller hockey court running down the length of the Raanana Park, these courts are open and free to first come first served, and you will see many games going on simultaneously.

park raanana art gallary

Park Raanana Public art

You will see unusual public art throughout the Raanana Park most of it is meant to be explored by kids climbing on it and the quirky art by Israeli artists brings another interesting element to Raanana Park. Next to the lake and restaurant there is also a more conventional art exhibition gallery which displays Israeli artists works in temporary exhibitions.

Raanana Park for friends – park for kids with special needs

Park Chaverim is one of the most popular areas in Raanana Park, the park is intended for kids with physical disabilities to play together with other kids, and the playground is suited to the needs of all kids no matter what limitations they have. There are wide ramps for wheelchairs and large swings. There are also water features for visually impaired kids to hear as well as different music and noise making games for them. As part of the Park Hachaverim there is a maze made of walls which have been painted brightly with cartoon type characters. There are also parts of the maze with 3D art work on the walls intended for visually impaired kids. The closest entrance to Park Haverim is from Derech Hapark. The entrance to Park Haverim is free to Raanana residents and all disabled kids but non-Raanana residents have to pay. 

Raanana Amphitheatre

Although there is a large and beautiful amphitheatre this is not a part of the park open to the public unless there is a show on and then entrance is charged. 

The Raanana park has plenty of open spaces where kids can run around, play football or you can spread a blanket and have a picnic. There is also plenty of shade with large trees almost covering the playing areas completely. Don't miss the spice garden and seven species of Israel planted on the hill above the lake. 

The park is open from early morning until 24:00 although the parking areas have shorter hours. You can plan on spending at least an hour here and perhaps even the whole day. You can also have birthday parties in the Raanana Park but unfortunately it is no longer allowed to have barbecues in the park. There is plenty of parking near each of the four Raanana park entrances; parking is free to Raanana residents with the Raanana sticker on their cars.. On weekends there is a first aid booth. For any other information about the Raanana park contact 107.

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