Raanana Living Guide: What is Kyriat Sharet Neighborhood Like?
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Raanana Living Guide: What is Kyriat Sharet Neighborhood Like?

Raanana neiighborhoods property prices raanana Kyriat Sharet Raanana

If you are thinking of moving to Raanana and trying to decide which area of the city to live in then let me tell you about Kyriat Sharet. Kyriat Sharet covers 370 dunum (92.5 acres), it was established in 1946. Imaging Raanana is a rectangle, then Kyriat Sharet is in the north eastern corner. It is next to Lev Hapark a newer neighborhood of apartment buildings. Kyriat Sharet is one of Raanana's older neighborhoods the majority of the buildings are "du's" or semi detached. These houses are on plots of about 250-300 meters square. One of the longer streets in Kyriat Sharet, Peretz Street has properties of about one dunam (1000 square meters). There are also a few low rise apartment buildings.

The neighborhood has one excellent secular elementary school – Yachdav – and the new (open five years) boys' religious middle and high school Royee Klien. There are also at least six private nursery schools and several municipal kindergartens (for kids from 3 years old to 6 years old).

The streets in Kyriat Sharet are tree lined and there are several parks with playgrounds. You can also find recycle bins for bottles and paper on most street corners. In the center of Kyriat Sharet is a small shopping center with a few stalwart stores – a butcher; baker; supermarket; vet; computer store; green grocer, clothing store and hair dresser. There is also a well stocked kiosk in Kyriat Sharet which stays open late and a pharmacy. The neighborhood also has a small post office which can't be said for most Raanana neighborhoods.

As you probably already know Israel is made up of immigrants from all over the world and the communities tend to live in the same areas (this dates back to the 1950's when the government allocated residential areas to groups of immigrants). Kyriat Sharet is predominantly "Sephardic" there are a lot of Yemeni, Persians, Iraqis and Moroccans. However there are also Ashkenazi living in Kyriat Sharet and a few Ethiopians and Russians.

The area has a fair balance of religious and secular Jews although I would hazard a guess that there are more religious (knitted kippa) residents in Kyriat Sharet. There is a mikvah and 7 synagogues to suit all the different communities (Ashkenazi, Yemeni, Moroccan etc.) however there is no reform synagogue.

The advantages of living in Kyriat Sharet

  • Property prices are lower than the average Raanana prices. Not only because the houses are older but because it is not in the center of town, and many people are unsure of Kyriat Sharet's reputation. This is the perfect place for buying a doer-upper in Raanana which many people are doing and Kyriat Sharet is constantly seeing the old houses being bought up and remodeled.
  • Being a neighborhood everyone begins to know everyone else and it has the feel of a large village.
  • Although not in the center of Raanana it is only seven minute drive from the main street. It also means there is less traffic and congestion that the city center gets.
  • Plenty of good schools (especially for younger kids) and playgrounds, it is also about a 10 minute walk from the large Park Raanana.
  • Kyriat Sharet is on the edge of the city, walk for five minutes and you'll be standing in a field. It doesn't feel like the big city but you are so close you have all the urban amenities at your disposal. In fact it has such rural roots that on a few of the large properties on Peretz Street still keep chickens!
  • This is not an Enlish speaker's enclave,you will have to learn Hebrew living in Kyriat Sharet unlike other streets in Raanana where a large number of English immigrant families live and they never mix with Israelis. her you will become "Israeli" much quicker!

Fields 5 minutes walk from Kyriat Sharet

Disadvantages of living in Kyriat Sharet

  • To be totally honest Kyriat Sharet doesn't have a good reputation. Why you may ask after all the great things I've been saying about it? Well it used to be a neighborhood of hoodlums and uneducated juvenile delinquents. There still are a fair number of lay-abouts and young boys who haven't figured out what to do with themselves yet. They mostly sit around in the kiosk and while away the days. They are not the majority and they're harmless but they can put people off. The bad reputation also comes from the impression that it is a poor neighborhood for poor people. Well there are poor people in Kyriat Sharet but this is Raanana (where people are much wealthier than in other parts of the country) so it's all relative. A supreme court judge also lives in the neighborhood! The balance of unemployed, charity cases versus up and coming young couples buying up cheap property in the area is shifting rapidly. If you want to see the complete opposite of Kyriat Sharet go across Weitzman Street into another neighborhood, Kyriat Ganim to see the most expensive neighborhood in Raanana.
  • Kyriat Sharet (although attractive) is not as beautiful as some of the raanana neighborhoods. It has plenty of greenary but some homes and apartment buildings look run down.

In short Kyriat Sharet is full of colorful characters, harmless, friendly and real. In my opinion it is the secret location for those looking for a home "in" Raanana but not exorbitantly expensive.




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Well-written presentation Petal.

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