Small Town America: Quarryville Borough, Lancaster County, PA
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Small Town America: Quarryville Borough, Lancaster County, PA

Originally known as "Barr's Quarries", Quarryville got its name from the various quarries in the area and can trace its history back to 1775. Quarryville is a small borough in Southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Today, a little over 2000 people call this borough home. Quarryville Borough has much to offer both in organizations and businesses.

Quarryville is a small borough in Southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. A little over 2000 people call this borough home. While Quarryville Borough has much to offer both in organizations and businesses, many people have an average of a 25 minute commute to and from work each day. 


Every September since 1950, the Southern End residents come together at the Solanco Fair. The Fair is held at the Solanco Fairgrounds on the edge of the borough. 


The first church in Quarryville wasSt. Paul’s, built in 1851. TheMethodistChurchwas built in 1883, followed by the Roman Catholic parish of St. Catherine ofSienain 1896.

  • MemorialUnitedMethodistChurch– 
  • St. Catherine’s of Siena Roman      Catholic Church used to be located in the borough itself but expanded a      few years back and is now located south of the borough in Drumore      Township. It is located across the highway (Route 222) from theSolancoHigh School.
  • St. Paul’s Church – 


School age children in Quarryville Borough are part of the Solanco School District. Elementary students attend the Quarryville Elementary School. Middle school children attend SmithMiddle School, just outside the borough. The high school is located in DrumoreTownship, south of the Borough. For more information on the school district, visit


Quarryville, like most boroughs, uses a mayor/council form of government. On the state level, Quarryville Borough is serviced by State Representative Bryan Cutler. Cutler’s office is located at 207 E. State Street. Lloyd K. Smucker serves Quarryville as State Senator for the 13thSenatorial District. 

Public Safety

Quarryville – unlike the other municipalities in the Southern End which rely on State Police – has its own police department. The Quarryville Police Department employs three full time officers, three part time officers and the chief. Crime in the Borough has seen an increase in recent years, according to The site shows the crimes from 2007 to 2010. In 2010 there was one rape, three robberies and 48 thefts. These figures are higher than in years past. However the number of reported assaults, burglaries and auto thefts went down. 


  • J & B Hotel 


Quarryville is included in coverage by two weekly free newspapers: The Chronicle and the Advertiser. The daily newspaper is the Lancaster Newspaper which covers the entire county and is based out ofLancasterCity. WDAC Radio – a Christian radio station – is based out of the nearby Buck. 

Medical Facilities

The closest hospitals are about 15 miles north inLancasteror 18 miles south in Jennersville. However, there is a medical center in the borough – theWalterAumentFamilyMedicalCenter. 


 Restaurants & Bars in Quarryville Borough

  • J & B Hotel
  • Quarryville Family Restaurant
  • Sam’s Pizza 
  • Son's Ice

Stores & Businesses in Quarryville Borough

Many of the businesses in Quarryville are family businesses and have been passed down through generations. Reynolds Funeral Home, for example, was founded in 1890 by Fred Reynolds. It remains in operation today at the corner of State and Lime Streets.


Quarryville got its name from the various quarries in the area and can trace its history back to 1775. At that time Martin Barr acquired a large tract of land and the town was known as “Barr’s Quarries.” The town became known as Quarryville as early as 1837. It became a borough officially in 1892. The first post office opened in 1849. Much of the town’s growth at that time can be attributed to the Quarryville and Lancaster Railroad which came through town. 


Neighboring townships also has a Quarryville mailing address. The above listed businesses and organizations are specifically in the borough limits. Many “Quarryville” businesses – like Lapp’s Restaurant, Curves and the Quarryville Library – are actually located in DrumoreTownship and were therefore omitted from this particular article. Likewise the businesses in theTowns Edge Center are physically not in the Borough and were not included above as well.


LancasterCountyresident, Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman began writing in 1985, with her work appearing in several local newspapers. From 2003-2009, she spearheaded an online newspaper company, which had two newspapers, the PA Farm News and The latter covered everything from hometown heroes and new businesses to the Nickel Mines Shooting. She received my Bachelor of Arts in journalism from LockHavenUniversity. Her interests include learning more about diabetes, genealogy, history/travel, Orthodoxy, preparedness, and gaming. You may contact Jeanne with your comments and questions.

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