T-Mobile Versus Verizon Wireless - Why Verizon is Better for Residents of Smyra and Rural Dover Delaware
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T-Mobile Versus Verizon Wireless - Why Verizon is Better for Residents of Smyra and Rural Dover Delaware

Which cell phone provider offers the best service for residents of Smryna and Dover Delaware? How does T-Mobile stack up against Verizon Wireless?

Dropped calls, no Internet access and loss of signal can be a huge problem with those living in small towns or rural areas. This is certainly the case for residents of both rural Dover and Smyrna Delaware. Cell phone providers claim to offer satisfactory cell phone coverage. Unfortunately residents of rural Dover and Smyrna discover all too quickly that cell phone coverage can be spotty at best. How does Verizon Wireless compare with T-Mobile. There are pros and cons to both companies.

Tower-to-Tower Comparison

Verizon with its many cell phone towers provides excellent service for all its customers. Asked about its poor connectivity problems, a T-mobile employee stated that the company owned only 3 cell phone towers in all of Smyrna, Delaware. While Smyrna is a small town consisting of 10,000 plus residents, it is hard to imagine it contains only 3 phone towers under T-Mobiles control.  With such limited coverage Verizon would easily become the provider of choice.

T-Mobile Offers Great Phone Deals with a Catch

It is easy to find great cell phone choices and packages when visiting the T-Mobile website or a local T-Mobile store. Verizon Wireless also provides an extensive website and has numerous local area stores.  A family plan with T-mobile can be found for as low as $49.99 for two lines with unlimited data, talk, and text minutes. Verizon Wireless offers a family line for 69.98 sharing 700 minutes and unlimited messaging for $30.00 per family. T-mobile easily comes out on top in this area.

The trade-off in receiving a “free cell phone”  with T-mobile is the lengthy cell phone contract tied into each upgrade. Opting out of the extended contract puts the prices on more level ground. Early termination of a T-Mobile contract results in an “early termination fee” of $200.00. Some customers seem willing to pay the fee in order to assure having a reliable phone that will not drop calls or exhibit no bars when a call needs to be placed or received.

T-Mobile and Verizon Facts

Verizon has operated in American since 2000, the result of combining several smaller companies. It now has the distinction of being the largest USA cell phone provider.  

Headquartered in Bonn Germany, T-mobile got its start in 1985. It is listed as the sixth biggest "worldwide mobile phone service provider" with over 101 million subscribers. Recently a merger with AT*T fell apart. After AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, T-Mobile has the fourth largest wireless network.

Consumer Opinions

One major customer satisfaction survey (ConsumerSearch.com) lists Verizon Wireless in the number one position for mobile broadband and cell phone plans.

T-mobile had the best rating for its 4-G Mobile Hotspot-Prepaid but did not receive any other notable placing.

The Final Recommendation

What matters most in your daily life will determine whether T-Mobile or Verizon is best for you. As a recent transplant from an area with excellent coverage throughout the state, it is hard to recommend a company that does not enable me to make a simple phone call.  When it comes down to deciding; weigh the prices with the ability to connect to the Internet. For the Dover, Smyrna area of Delaware, T-Mobile does not possess the necessary set-up to provide a seamless connection.

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Comments (8)

I wish another company would come along that would offer affordable prices for unlimited data and reliability. We have Verizon and I hate the cap they have put on data. 2 gigs is ridiculous. They have good coverage but their price is way too high. AT&T is even worse. We're thinking of going with Sprint next time.

Our investigation has revealed good deals with local companies. You just have to make sure their coverage extends where you desire. Cricket is one example.

Thanks, voted. : )

Well done and I appreciate your work here. thank you.

helpful cell phone information, thanks

Bethany, Roberta and Sue thank you all very much for your votes and comments. :)

AT&T is easily the best in the Smyrna area with 6 cell sites in the located in Clayton, Rural Clayton (Black Stallion Road), Kenton, North Smyrna, Central Smyrna, South Smyrna (Brenford).

Verizon has 3 cell sites in Smyrna: North Smyrna, Clayton, and Kenton. Voice coverage isn't bad, though 3G can be spotty in rural Clayton.

Sprint has towers in North Smyrna, South Smyrna (Brenford), Blackiston, and Kenton.

T-Mobile has a tower in north Smyrna and Kenton. Easily the worst coverage with no 3G even.

Thanks for giving information.It's very useful for beginners,After read your Article,I chose  family plan with T-mobile .Because cost of the T-Mobile plan is cheaper than verizon.But my phone is restricted by orange network,So i needed to unlock my mobile.Through the Google search,I found this site Mobile-Unlocker.com    Here i removed my network restriction.Now i really enjoy with my T-mobile service.