Tragedy at the Warped Tour: Can We Prevent Future Tour Fatalities?
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Tragedy at the Warped Tour: Can We Prevent Future Tour Fatalities?

A synopsis of the Warped Tour Toronto 2012 tragedy, a brief history of death and dehydration on tour and a question of what can be done to prevent future fatal incidents at summer musical tour stops. I send my condolences to the families and friends of Taylor Nesseth and Curtis Alan DeForest. Rest in peace.

This past Sunday at Molson Amphitheater in Toronto, 19 year old Taylor Nesseth passed away after spending the day at the venue's Warped Tour date, watching multiple acts including the final band she witnessed, Chelsea Grin. 

As of right now (2:00am Monday July 16), sources have not officially released the cause of death which is currently rumored to be a mix of dehydration and un-named, pre-existing health issues. 

Van's Warped Tour officials released a statement on their Twitter account:

"With regards to today's events in Toronto, we will release an official statement on when we have all of the details."

Chelsea Grin also released a Twitter statement:

"Our hearts go out to the person who died today. We still don't know everything that happened but it's no time for jokes on our page."

The jokes Chelsea Grin are referring to are various posts by Facebook users creating false reasons Nesseth died, attempting to tie the death to the quality of the band and their music. 

Sources say Nesseth was discovered to be unconscious around 12:40pm on a hill, away from the formed mosh pit, around 12:40pm. Paramedics arrived and attempted CPR on the girl who was then transferred to Toronto Western Hospital where police say she was pronounced dead. 

This is not the first fatal incident in Warped Tour history.

26 year old Curtis Alan DeForest of Wichita Kansas died after attending a Bonner Springs Warped Tour date in 2010. His death was also rumored to be due to dehydration.

Vans Warped Tour officials were quick to release a statement then as well:

"There is no confirmation this was due to dehydration, cardiac, other substances, etc. We do provide first aid to anyone who needs it. If this was due to dehydration, the tour is not responsible for water prices and we change venue rules to allow you to bring it in with you. What's happened today is an unforeseeable tragedy that shouldn't have happened. We are all upset and shocked and our hearts are heavy. Please remember to be responsible when you are at an event like this. At ANY possible sign of a problem, PLEASE contact a venue member."

Since DeForest's death, Warped Tour has collaborated with Klean Kanteen to provide water refill stations, free and unlimited to the Warped Tour crowds, at all tour stops. These hydration stations feature large blue banners with white lettering proclaiming "WATER" to stand out from the various merchandise and ticketing tents and booths covering Warped Tour territory. Efforts have also been made with various venues to lower the price of bottled water for those wishing to purchase water rather than bring bottles with them. 

While Nesseth's cause of fatality is still unknown, the big question remains; can anything be done further to prevent future deaths at Warped Tour?

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Comments (1)

How sad to die when one is suppose to be having fun.